Gondola Shelving Units

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Gondola Shelving Units

Gondola Shelving Units

It is a well known fact that the use of Gondola Shelving Units is the most popular store fixture used in all types of stores from Grocery Stores, Liquor Stores, Convenience Stores to Retail Stores.   A store owner can maximize floor space by dividing the store into departments with the use of Island Gondola Shelving Units.

Gondola Store Shelving Units are available in what is know as double sided gondola shelving units or single sided units and sizes in 36" and 48" widths from heights of 36" to 96" heights and shelf depths of 8" deep to 30" deep.

Gondola Shelving Units can be connected together to configure aisle lengths from 3' to as long as needed per applications by connecting the Gondola Store Shelving Units together as the units are made to be connected together co configure any aisle length needed. 

Gondola Shelving Units are available in wall shelving units and island shelving units.  Wall Shelving Units are a single sided unit that fits up against a wall and provides merchandising of many types or merchandise.  Island Shelving Units are a double sided shelving unit that provides merchandising on both sided of the Island Shelving Unit.  Island Shelving Units can also divide a store into sections and departments.

Wall Shelving Unit and Island Shelving Unit components are interchangeable between the two.

Gondola Shelving Units can also be configure to create a counter top system also in many lengths as when the shelves installed in the very top row will create a perfectly flat top allowing a countertop to be mounted directly to the top upper shelves thus creating a useable counter top with merchandising with the use of upper shelves or pegboard hooks.

Gondola Shelving Units


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