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Gondola Shelving Units

Gondola Shelving End Cap Unit

Gondola Shelving End Cap Unit

The gondola End Cap is best configured using a single sided Gondola utilizing a double back system. The reasons why it is best is: Utilizing this configuration is more affordable, is more sturdy and provides more strength as the base shoes are connected directly to the upright allowing more evenly distributed weight, and it is easier to install and configure. 

Quite simply the single sided section slides right up against the end of a double sided aisle.

Example Gondola Shelving End Cap Unit: if you have a base shelf that is 16" deep plus the 3" depth of the upright, equals 16 X 2 +3.5" fo the upright and tag moldings aproximatels 35.5". A standared 3' wide section wild actually equal 38". This resulting in your end cal would cover the shelves on your existing gondola shelving aisle.

Gondola Shelving Units


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Gondola Shelving End Cap Unit

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